June 10, 2020

ROAR Update Letter (June 2020)

ROAR Update Letter (June 2020)
 Dear Cat Loving Friends,
We hope you are all safe, healthy and comfy. Since closing the Portland store March 18, due to Covid-19, we’ve embarked on the journey of converting our home office into an inventory and shipping hub. It’s been quite the adventure— moving from a physical location to a virtual one.

Thank you for supporting us over the past 3 years. We've had such a warm, loving reception in our home base of Portland, a city we’ve only known for 5 years but have fallen in love with on so many levels.
We didn’t know the first thing about retail, but given Laura's feline veterinary background, along with our combined 35 years of animal welfare and cat care experience - - with big hearts and open minds, we went for it, and we are glad we did!
Over the past few months we’ve had a lot of inquiries about when we’ll be reopening our shop on Alberta Street. The reality is, ensuring safe distancing in a tight space (less than 400 square feet), will be too challenging. Coupled with Laura’s asthma, which puts her at increased risk, we can’t justify reopening the shop.
We’ve put a lot thought into this and have come to the very difficult decision to shift ROAR to an online-only presence moving forward. We agree it's sad on many levels, BUT we choose NOT to see this as a 'door closed' but an opportunity to expand our digital presence and create an online community to widen our reach and continue the support of cat families.
Our rent is paid through June 15th, and we'll clear the store till that time. RoarCats.com is open 24-7 and we offer FREE, LOCAL PICK UP. Bonus - our chat support is available 9am - 9pm PST, so we’re virtually here if you have a question or want to say hi!

The shop has been a special place that has attracted some of the kindest, warm-hearted people (and cats!) we've had the pleasure of knowing. We’ll miss those engagements most of all.

THIS IS NOT GOODBYE! What you've helped us build is unique, valuable and strong - and we feel we’ve only begun!
PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH! We'd like nothing more than to connect with you all! You can always reach us via email, chat, or Facebook/Instagram messenger to ask questions or just say hello! We also welcome your feedback should you have any suggestions, requests, and ideas.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you to enrich the lives of cats and the humans who love them, as we wouldn’t be here without your support!
Purring On,
Jen & Laura