Cat Harnesses + Collars + ID Tags + Bow Ties

We believe that every cat should wear a collar with updated contact info (even indoor-only cats) and that every cat should have a harness for traveling and for emergency home evacuations. You never know when that accidental escape might happen or god forbid, an emergency that displaces your beloved pets.
 Please note that while some are made specifically for cats, others are small dog harnesses. The cat-specific models will be the most secure and the most escape-proof. When we say "escape-proof", we don't mean that you can leave your cat unattended wearing this harness (or any harness, for that matter).

If your cat is new to harnesses, we recommend putting it on for short sessions indoors first, without a leash. The goal is to associate the harness with something positive, such as feeding time, treats, and/or play. Put on the harness and bring out your cat’s favorite wand toy! As he gets more comfortable, extend the amount of time the harness is on, and add the leash. The key is to go at your cat’s pace. He’ll let you know when he’s ready to go outside (start with a quiet area like a backyard area). 

SAFETY FIRST! Keep an eye out for dogs, and NEVER assume a dog is going to be friendly toward cats, even if the dog guardian claims as such. And remember—some cats will NEVER warm up to the idea of exploring outdoors, and that’s okay. We have to respect their limits! They are not candidates and we shouldn't ever put them in a situation that is not comfortable for them because of our desires.