Food Puzzles + Bowls

Indoor Hunting Feeder For Cats - Food Feeder + Puzzle


Rather than presenting the food in a bowl, why not tap into your cat's DNA and allow her to hunt and forage for her food? We've had so many customers tell us that once their cat is used to a puzzle feeder like this, they love it and actually EXPECT to "hunt". 

This is also a great way to manage "scarf and barf", alleviate anxiety, and decrease boredom and with this veterinarian-designed feeder + puzzle.
The Hunting Feeder Can Help Solve: 1.) Scarf & Barf 2.) Weight Problems 3.) Night Waking 4.) Litter box Problems 5.) Bad Behavior 6.) Boredom

-You'll receive  a choice of 1 or 3 Interactive Feeders (choose in drop-down) to  allowing cats to naturally hunt for their food and/or treats.
- Durable plastic and tactile fabric skin appeals to cat’s senses of grabbing and clawing prey
- Easy to use--scoop your cat’s favorite food into the mice and hide morning and night (or whenever you wish)
- Easy to clean; BPA free, top rack dishwasher safe plastic; machine washable fabric
Tips and tricks are available on the product's website. 
      NOTE: While we at ROAR encourage a diet rich in moisture (canned or raw), we know that many of our customers prefer to feed kibble. These feeders are also a great tool for snacking in between meals, using protein-rich treats on their own or mixed with kibble snacks. Check out our "Healthy Treat & Snack" section.