Cat Wand Toys

"Cat Catcher Mousie" - Wand Toy + Attachment

The "Cat Catcher" by Go Cat is one the most popular interactive toy for cats in the world! Cats are tactile, and they love the texture of the handwoven mouse. They love the way it darts and skitters around. The special braided safety wire disappears from their sight as they focus on catching the mouse. No matter what time of day, bring out the Cat Catcher and they will be ready to play!

Included: Wand toy & one mouse attachment (as shown in photograph)

Wand & Braided Safety Wire

The 12 inch flexible glitter wand will definitely get their attention but the braided safety wire does the opposite. Your feline friend will lose sight of the wire as they chase and pounce on their prey.

Soft Tip & Swivel

The soft tip of the wand prevents injury and the swivel clip creates more movement for your cat along with making it easy to add or remove wand attachments. 

All Natural Mouse

The all natural Cat Catcher mouse looks and feels like a real mouse. Designed to invoke the tiger within for hours of enjoyment. Bring the hunt to them.