Crumpet Fundraiser

We are donating ALL the profits of our ROAR logo apparel to Crumpet’s veterinary bills. Our goal is to sell 200 shirts/sweatshirts during the month of March. Each piece generates  about $10 profit (we print on high quality brands, using Printful's print-on-demand service so profits are low). 

Asheville native, Katie King is one of the most generous, kind humans I know and someone I’m lucky to call a friend. She is always helping people and cats in need. You might know her through her volunteer work at Asheville Cat Weirdos and various cat-related causes.

Katie unexpectedly lost her job at the Cat Clinic earlier this year and naturally, is struggling financially with Crumpet's vet bills which have reached far over $5,000 . She is ALWAYS giving and now it’s her turn to be supported. 
Sadly, her cat Crumpet had to be hospitalized last week after he was attacked by one of his cat siblings, resulting in a fracture at the head of the femur, where it attaches to the hip. In order to be pain-free and regain use of that leg, he needs FHO surgery (femoral head ostectomy). 

The surgery is scheduled for TODAY Feb 27 at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery in Arden, NC. The estimate for surgery and post-op care is about $5400.

To make things even worse, Crumpet has been hospitalized at SAVES. He was treated for obstipation, which is constipation so severe that the stool can’t be passed, even with enemas, so she’s already incurred thousands of dollars.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Crumpet's healing journey. Updates can be found on Katie's facebook page.