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Litter Lifter - Cat Litter Scooper


This litter scooper is a "game changer!" We know it sounds silly, but it's amazing how many crappy litter scoopers there are out there. Scooping litter isn't the most fun, so having a good scooper is key! We've been using this brand of scooper for over 10 years! It's the ONLY scooper we recommend! In fact, we've had customers return to the shop to thank us for letting them know about the Litter Lifter!                   


-the "REGULAR" option is ideal for most finer-textured litters (most clumping clay, corn, wheat, and grass litters).

-the "PELLET" option is best for courser litters (ex/ green tea, pelleted corn, paper, or wood litters).  

A Scoop is a scoop? Right? WRONG!!!  The Litter-Lifter® is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!                                                      

  • Less sifting & fewer passes = easier & faster cleaning
  • V-shaped slots trap smaller litter fragments
  • Easy on wrist
  • Strong leading edge allows easy scraping of litter pan