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Cat Training Kit (Includes Retractable Target Stick + Quiet Clicker)


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We're now selling Cat School's “Retractable Target Stick + Quiet Clicker” at ROAR b/c cats of all ages and personalities can benefit from training. Decrease boredom, solve behavior problem, teach practical behaviors, strengthen your bond… THE LIST GOES ON!

Clicker training is a science-based method of animal training and a great way to get you started on your cat training adventure!

What Comes In This Kit?

  • A quiet clicker (ideal for cats) 
  • A retractable target stick to increase your cat's activity
  • A printed quick-start guide to reference whenever you need it
  • A $5.00 OFF COUPON CODE for interactive virtual online course

Whether it’s for fun, behavioral reasons, or practical reasons like getting them to go in the carrier, animal behaviorist, Julie Poslun's "Cat School” will blow your mind with easy step-by-step lessons, training support videos and blogs.