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"Rainbow Fluffer" - Wand Toy Attachment

If your cats love fluffy, colorful feathers, this is the refill for them! 

The Rainbow Fluffer is made with various colored turkey feathers fixed to a cap. Feathers average 4 inches in length. The connection to the wand toys is via a strong braided nylon hook on the front (no metal). 

  • Individually Handmade in the U.K. by Purrs Cat Toys
  • Feather colors and sizes vary individually 
  • Attaches to all wands/poles that have a clip on the end of the string/wire.
  • Ethically sourced animal products 

Safety: As with any product please supervise your pet's use of these toys. Inspect products often for signs of damage, rips or tears and remove the toys if damaged. Store out of cat's reach when unattended.