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Rainbow Sparkler Wand


These "Go Cat" Toys Sparkler Teaser Cat Wand are made with Colorful rainbow strands of reflective mylar attached to a thin (but durable) 18" PVC rod. This cat wand provides a fun bonding exercise for your cats and satisfies the desire to play and chase.  Spend time teasing your cat or kitten by exercising its hunting needs.  
  • Great for interactive play with your cat
  • Cats who love shiny and sparkly things will love this wand (like our cat Harmony, in photo)
  • Fun for visually impaired cats since the mylar is reflective and makes noise with movement
  • Great pointer for photographing kitty 
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Made in USA

Vegan--no animal parts/products were used in making this toy.

SAFETY:  For supervised play only. Inspect products often for signs of damage, rips or tears, and remove the toys if damaged. Store out of cat's reach when unattended.