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Silver Vine Sticks In Ultimate Blend

We love "From The Field" catnip products because the company really takes pride in their work and it shows. Grown and produced in beautiful Washington state, they have been working with and growing catnip for 20 years. 

Silver vine Sticks are the natural stems from the plant. It promotes the cat’s dental health by exfoliating the plaque on their teeth while the cats chew the bark. Our Silver Vine sticks are marinated in our “Ultimate Blend” catnip and silver vine mix to increase potency.

These are recommended for cats who like to chew but we do suggest supervised use. Not recommended for cats who have been known to swallow objects. 

Silver vine is a plant that grows in mountainous regions in Asia, and it has a similar but more intense effect in cats as catnip does. The substance that cats react to in silver vine is actinide, and it's non-toxic and isn't addictive for your cat. There may be other compounds in silver vine that add to the way many felines react to it, as well. Studies have found that it contains several compounds similar to the nepetalactone that causes cats to react to catnip.

Silver vine often works in cats that don't respond to catnip, which is somewhere around 33% of adult cats. In a study done on 100 cats, almost 80% reacted positively to silver vine and of the cats in the study that did not react to catnip, 75% of them did have a positive reaction to silver vine (Sebastiaan Bol, 2017).