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"The Original" DA BIRD - Wand Toy Attachment

DA BIRD by GoCat is the quintessential feather wand attachment toy and one of the most popular wand toys we sell. There are other feather wand attachments but none compare to this original! Cats go wild over the flight-like motion of Genuine Guinea Feathers. The flapping noise is very similar to that of a real bird. Many cat parents will witness their cats "catching air" and displaying athleticism like never before!

  • Genuine Go Cat Brand Replacement Feathers for the No.1 Bird Toy: Da Bird
  • This does NOT include the wand/pole
  • It can be attached to any of the wands we sell (or perhaps you already have a wand of your own)
  • Recommended by Veterinarians as an Interactive Exercise Toy
  • Hand crafted in the USA always

Public Safety Alert: Hide toys when not in use and supervise your pet while playing at all times