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"Pet Bed Warmer" - Gentle Heating Pad


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Ever notice your cat hanging out near the heating vent, resting on electronics, or napping in a ray of sunshine? Typically, cats prefer it to be warmer than humans do. Even with their fur coats and higher normal body temp, cats often crave heat.

Adding a pet-safe heating pad to your cat’s bedding seems so simple, but it's a serious game changer. Just place it under any existing bed or lounging area and voila! You just gave your cat a winning upgrade!

We've had three of these heating pads going 24-7 all year long for several years now.

Our cats Lennon, Riley and Harmony love warmth! Lennon is middle-aged but has always been a "heat vent seeker. “ He’s seen here in his favorite heated hide away [pic and Riley, being a California girl, is a sun goddess so she likes a pad under any of her fluffy beds. Harmony has some arthritis, so the warmth is soothing to her lil bones 

But whatever the case, most cats will flock to a warmer option if given the opportunity.

What's great about these pads is that they gently heat any bed or pad you already have, and they don't exceed the natural body temperature of a cat or dog. We're paranoid of fires, but we feel safe with these. They can be wedged between padding of a pet bed or in between layers of blankets or pads. They make virtually any pet bed into an instant favorite spot. 

Internal thermostats automatically adjust the bed warmer's temperature. They're pre-set to heat to your pet's natural 102°F body temperature when he/she lies on the pad. When plugged in but not in use, the warmer maintains a temperature 10-15°F greater than ambient room temperature. There should be at least ½” of padding between the warmer and a pet's body. It should only be used inside of or under a pet's bed and should never come in direct contact with your pet. 

- This is the Small size – 8.5" x 8.5”, which has worked well for our cats
- Recommended for indoor use
- Ideal for aging pets or those who enjoy warm sleeping areas
- Energy-efficient design with 5.5 ft cord
- MET Safety-Tested from K&H
- Veterinarian recommended 

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