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"Taco Cat Bed"[Free USA Shipping]


This is by far one of our favorites! We've found that cats enjoy this bed both as a "taco" AND as a "tostada"! The variety of textures, as well as the crinkly cellophane interior, is irresistible for so many cats! A bonus feature is that the fleece cover unzips and is machine-washable (on gentle cycle). Imagine the photo opportunities that await !

The taco bed has moldable wire in the edge trim, to help hold its shape, however you choose to shape it. It comes with 3 potent chili pepper catnip toys, filled with high-quality organic catnip, that you can attach by tying them on to the bed.

Measures 32" x 24" when flat and 24" x 15" when folded

PLEASE NOTE: This item will ship directly from the manufacturer. Free shipping is included.Shipping time is estimated at 3-5 business days. We apologize--this item is not available for Portland pickup