Wall + Floor Cat Scratcher


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Cats need multiple scratching options: vertical, horizontal and some might even like angled. While a cat might prefer one option to another, offering a variety sets cats up for success and it's less likely they'll choose your furniture over theirs. Cats need to scratch to 1) remove old nail sheaths from claws 2) exercise and tone muscles 3) to relieve stress 4) to "warm up" for a vigorous play session 5) to mark territory

This versatile scratcher mounts on the wall or sits on the floor -- letting you find the perfect scratching spot for your cat. Fibrous and durable sisal material naturally inspires scratching, which is great for conditioning nails. Sisal is known to be superior to carpeting which snags nails and encourages scratching on other carpeted surfaces.  

- Size: 24" L X 6" W X 1.5" H 
- Rubber feet prevent sliding and damage to your home.
- Heavy-duty, built-to-last construction with quality workmanship. 
- Encourages mental and physical stimulation for cats

    NOTE: Most customers who have purchased this use it on the floor, vs mounting on a wall. We've had great feedback, but we haven't heard from anyone who has mounted it on the wall. 

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