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"Monstera Cat" - Enamel Pin


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Who doesn't love a beautiful monstera plant? The vibrant green, the uniqueness of its swiss cheese leaves?! This is the perfect pin for the crazy cat AND plant lady in your life! This sweet enamel pin is an original design featuring a little kitty munching on a monstera leaf.

Size: About 1.5" x 1.5". Pin comes on a watercolor paper backing in a cellophane sleeve.

Artist: Chelea Ward Sketchy Notions Berkley, California 

Warning: Monstera plants are toxic to cats and dogs! Monstera deliciosa's are one of the most trendy tropical houseplants and are featured extensively on social media and in home decor thanks to their stunning tropical foliage. Also referred to as "Swiss cheese plants" or "Split-leaf philodendrons," Monsteras are relatively low maintenance, making them an attractive addition to any home. Unfortunately, Monstera deliciosa contains insoluble calcium oxalates making them highly toxic to cats. Symptoms include burning of the lips and mouth, excessive drooling, oral swelling, and vomiting. Toxic Properties: Insoluble calcium oxalates