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ROAR Camp-Style Mug


This 15 ounce mug features the popular ROAR logo (geometric cat head) that is "sand blasted" by Portland-based Bread and Badger. Sandblasting is one of the most durable image transfer method out there! Since the sandblasting process removes the top layer of glass or ceramic glaze by carving into it, the only way to remove the design would be to melt it down in a kiln.

  • Dishwasher-Safe, Microwave-Safe, Lead-free
  • Permanent Design (unlike a printed graphic)
  • Crisp Edges & Deep Carving (unlike laser etching)
  • Big handles are comfortable to hold, even for large hands
  • Stable base won't tip over easily


  • Capacity: 15 oz;  height: 3.5" (8.75 cm);  opening width: 4" (10.25 cm) across mouth; max width: 5.25" (13.5 cm)