"Bamboozler" - Wand Toy (36-Inches)


Cats need a variety of wand toys to run, chase, and pounce after and many cat fans would like you to know that Bamboozler should be part of every wand toy arsenal!

The rod is made of a sturdy bamboo stick. It's attached to a long flexible tube that's made with the popular plastic mesh material (which is the same as Kitty Boinks toys).  The tube moves like a snake and this encourages your cat to chase, to catch and pounce on it. It even hisses as you wave it through the air. This wand toy will provide your cat with mental stimulation, as well as physical exercise. It's fun, entertaining, and your cat will love it!

The Bamboozler comes in two sizes, 18" and 36."  This listing is for the 36" rod. If you are interested in its little brother, CLICK HERE.

Colors vary (bright orange, green yellow, pink). We ask that you let us surprise you (although if you write a preference in the notes section we'll do our best to accommodate).


  • Because of it's length, it's shipped in a Priority Mail Tube.
  • The Bamboozler ships in USA for a $10.00 flat rate
  • You can take advantage of the flat rate and ship up to 10 Bamboozlers for no additional shipping fee. Plus, when you buy any other toys, wands on in our shop, everything will ship for only $10.
  • Also available for free, local porch pick up.

Vegan--no animal parts/products were used in making this toy. 

SAFETY:  For supervised play only. Inspect products often for signs of damage, rips or tears, and remove the toys if damaged.  Store out of cat's reach when unattended.