Bat Crinkle Ball - Cat Toy


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How fun are these Bat Crinkle Toys?! 

These felt crinkle balls are such a great size for batting around (ha!), and the wings make it super easy for cats to toss in the air, retrieve, or carry around!  

AND—we discovered a great way to make this a wand toy! Simply poke the clip of a wand toy through the felt ball, close the clip, and voila!—you have a flying bat! Please note that they are not made to intentionally be a wand toy but for fun, it flies!

**These don’t contain any catnip, but it’s easy to use catnip spray or “marinate” them in a bag of catnip if your cat prefers!  

-Handmade in Washington by Douglas Felts 
-Each toy is about 7” wide, including the wings. The “body” is about 2” in diameter.  
-Made of eco-felt and crinkle material. The wings are 2 layers of felt.  

Multicolor felt crinkle balls (basically this ball without the wings) also available here

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