Mini-Indoor Cat Tent

Cat Camp's mini-indoor tent is a smaller scale replica of a regular-sized tent. It comes in a rolled up carrying case and pitches as just as an ordinary tent would. It was designed by tent design experts and hand-crafted using the highest quality materials that are durable, easy to clean and able withstand years of enjoyment. This cozy, hide-away is the perfect place for your cats to hang out, lounge, and play while making a pretty sweet looking addition to your home!

  • Size: The Cat Tent is approximately 21.5" wide x 21.5" long x 14.0" tall. This has been designed by Cat Camp to accommodate most domesticated and even stray cats.
  • Entrance: The front of the Cat Tent has a side-zipped entrance. There's also an option for crafty cats to open a secret catch at the rear.
  • Materials: Cat Camp uses a durable and high-quality custom material consistent with modern tent materials.
  • Microfiber fleece: The inside of the tent is layered with a fluffy microfiber pad that keeps your cat comfy, and can be easily removed for cleaning.