“Cat Treat Ball” - Food Puzzle


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This is a great intro to food puzzles! We've found that most cats really love food puzzles once they're used to them. The key is to start with an intro level puzzle like this. Use "high value" treats first, and then transition to food if desired. A great way to add enrichment! Many customers leave food puzzles out while they're away at work. Decreased boredom = a happier cat! 

This ball features 2 adjustable openings that allows you to control how quickly (or not so quickly!) the food/treats come out when your cat rolls it around. We recommend starting with the larger opening all the way open until your cat gets the hang of it. Then start to make it smaller so the challenge increases, and kitty has to work more for her reward! 
  • Food dispenser and toy all in one ball
  • Adjustable opening allows you to change difficulty level/ accommodate various sizes of treats/food 
  • Promotes exercise and play
  • Made of hard, non-toxic plastic for rough play
  • Size: approx 3" diameter

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