Catnip "Crunch Mouse" - Cat Toy


Handmade with Aloha (love) from Hawaii, these crunch mice combine 2 cat favorites, (catnip and crinkle) into one adorable toy! We’ve found that a lot of cats love the fun sound of crinkle paper, so adding that sound to a toy is a no-brainer! These are purrfect to pounce, grab, carry, kick, and cuddle.

-Handmade in Hawaii by The Original Cat Buddies
-Each mouse measures approximately 4” long, plus tail.
-Made with short-pile faux fur and a vegan leather tail. Filled with organic catnip leaves and buds, along with crunch paper
-Available in 3 feline print patterns. Let us surprise you!
-Vegan—no animals products were used to make this toy.