Catnip - "Ground" or "Leaf & Flower Cut"


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We're big fans of From the Field's catnip! It's grown in our neighbor state of Washington, and it's been a hit with our feline family! You can choose from two varieties: the traditional "leaf and flower blend" or "fine ground"--add it to a scratcher, use in refillable catnip toys, or even place "older" toys in a ziplock bag with some 'nip to let them "marinate" for a bit. Fun times await!

  • Fresh and potent
  • 1 oz can
  • Grown in USA
  • Reusable clear top tin

Silvervine + Catnip Blend also available!

Choose from: Leaf and flower cut OR fine ground.

TIP: "Fine ground" is a great option for cats who like to eat their catnip! 

Cat Photo Credit: Washington D.C.-based photographer Andrew Marttila.

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