"Buffalo Dragonfly" - Wand Attachment

This "Buffalo Dragonfly" attachment is hand-made by CoolCyberCats and works well with their Wildcat Wandas well as other wands and poles that have a clip on the end (ex/ Da Bird pole, Cat Catcher). 

The Dragonfly averages 5-1/2 inches from end to end plus soft deer leather wings. Black & brown stripes (Buffalo & Deer hair) and soft deer leather wings (random color black or white) give this attachment a unique feel and makes this an exciting attachment! 

CoolCyberCats designs their attachments without ink, dyes, glue, metal or plastic. The main body is 100% Buffalo hair with Deer hair stripes and soft Deer leather, giving this attachment a unique feel with the soft Buffalo and bristly deer hair. The core of of this attachment is Buffalo leather, not a metal pin with a bead glued on the end or a plastic tube like other mouse style attachments. And the Buffalo and Deer hides used to make the toys comes from Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, NOT China.

  • Since the hair and leather are a natural material, colors vary from images. Size also varies.
  • Each will activate your cat's hunting instinct. Cats go crazy with these wand attachments! Regular play sessions using these attachments is a good outlet for instinctual hunting behaviors and encourages exercise to keep your cats healthy and alert.
  • As with any product please supervise your pet's use of these toys. Inspect products often for signs of damage, rips or tears and remove the toys if damaged.