Personalized Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest


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Custom-printed  Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest, Personalized Pet Photo, Home Office, Office Desk Decor, Memory Foam Wrist Pad

No need for a boring, ole mouse pad when you can brighten up your work day with photo of your sweetheart(s) built right in! Carpal tunnel is no joke and one of the best ways to tackle it is by having a mouse pad with a wrist rest.

Apart from protecting your wrist with its official Memory Foam™ resting pad, this mouse pad bring new life to any desk! The removable, custom-printed neoprene insert lays flat inside the recessed area of the foot-shaped mouse pad base.

- Ergonomic Memory Foam™ wrist support
- Foot-shaped semi-opaque black plastic base
- One size: 9.17" (w) x 10.15" (h) (25.80cm (w) x 23.30cm (h))
- Neoprene insert lays flat in recessed area of mouse pad base

SEND HI RES PHOTO (at least 300dpi) TO: LoveCatCreative[at]
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of sublimation printing, we recommend not using dark colored backgrounds or patterns as to avoid having faded color ("halo" effect) around the seams.

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