Da' Bee - Wand Toy Attachment

This is one (1) Go Cat's "Da Bee" Wand Attachment Toy (wand not included) that can easily clip on to any Go Cat Wand or Wildcat Teaser Wand that we sell.
  • Provides your cat with hours of exercise and fun! Keep your cat active and engaged!
  • Handcrafted in the USA with top quality materials
  • The replaceable toy at the end of this teaser cat toy will have your cat leaping to catch it.
  • Cats love the texture of our handwoven attachments and feathers toys. They love the way they dart, skitter, and fly around.

    READ OUR BLOG about how wand toy play can improve your cat's life!

    ROAR'S Top 10 Benefits of "Wand Toy - Interactive Play"

    1. Major boredom buster because it’s so much fun!
    2. Provides a variety of opportunities to hunt, chase, and play
    3. Great outlets for instinctual hunting behaviors 
    4. Great for opening up shy cats and building trust
    5. Encourages exercise that keeps your cats healthy and alert
    6. Fantastic mental stimulation 
    7. Confidence builder
    8. Positive relationship building for multiple cats
    9. An easy way to release pent-up energy and/or anxiety
    10. Regular play sessions strengthen the bond between you and your cat