"Da Bird" - Wand Toy (Pull-Apart rod)


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The classic Da Bird toy is now available as a shipping and travel-friendly pull-apart rod! 

“Da Bird” is one of those toys that we think pretty much every cat should have! So many cats LOVE the way that the feathers spin through the air. It’s truly one of those toys that encourages cats to leap and jump to heights you never imagined! 
  • The 2-piece pole, when assembled, measures 36” and is attached to a 32” string.
  • End of string includes a swivel clip with feather
  • Feather is removable for replacements (here) or to swap out with any attachment with a loop.
  • Feather colors vary.
SAFETY:  For supervised play only. Inspect products often for signs of damage, rips or tears, and remove the toys if damaged. Store out of cat's reach when unattended.

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