El Gato Candle


We purchased this candle for our shop in the fall of 2017. Throughout the following year, we had countless customers ask if they could purchase it. So we tracked down the artist, and the rest is history! 

While originally made for Day of the Dead, this wonderful candle shines any time of the year. We just love it!

Portland artist Gail Owen is a print artist specializing currently in hand-pulled linoleum reduction relief prints. Gail says, "Linoleum print making melds my passion for wood carving, printmaking and oil based inks into one multi-medium that provides endless challenges." 

The "El Gato" candle is part of an annual holiday collection celebrating the Dia de los Muertos, as featured in Portland's Guardino Gallery. The "Day of the Dead" has a long history in Mexican Tradition and is truly a celebration of life.   

To find out more about Gail Owen and to see more of her work, visit her website.   

PLEASE NOTE: Since the prints on the candle are hand-pulled, each one is slightly different. We try to select ones with a more uniformly black cat, but there may be slight imperfections/areas of lighter color within the black (giving it a more "vintage" look).