"F--k Declawing" - Enamel Pin

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The button says it all! It measures 1.2” wide. 


  • Scratching is a normal behavior for cats. It is a visual and olfactory marking of territory, usually to let other cats know that this territory is taken. It is also a way to hone the claws and stretch the shoulders and back.
  • Cats’ claws can be trimmed by taking off the sharp tip. This might help decrease the amount of damage the cats can do to furnishing.
  • Declawing is known to lead to acute and chronic pain, in fact, it is listed in veterinary pain management textbooks as causing severe pain. As a result of declawing, many cats will have permanent or intermittent lameness and other surgical complications.
  • A recent peer-reviewed journal article on declawed cats showed that they are more likely to suffer chronic back pain (probably secondary to altered conformational stance and a shift in weight bearing to avoid the pain in the paws from the declawing) and behavioral changes including increased biting, inappropriate litter box, aggression, and over-grooming.
  • There are now data that show that declawed cats have higher levels of cortisol in their tissues than their clawed counterparts. Increased cortisol is the measurement to denote chronic stress.

For more information about how you can help the fight against the cruel and barbaric practice of declawing cats, please check out The Paw Project!