Feather Toss Toys


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This is by far one of the most popular toys in our shop! We've even had people say that their cat "won't play on her own"--only to come back and thank us for suggesting this toy because their cat plays with it! This is an ideal toy for cats who love feather wand toys. Our cats love to chase it and carry it around the house! 

Each toss toy is hand-made in Portland by cat parents whose cats are "enthusiastic players,” i.e. they are super rough on toys. It's triple-sewn and made from durable materials. Unlike other feather wand toys, the Feather Toss Toy may be left out unattended. It's great for retrieving cats, feather-loving cats, and cats who like to chase or play with feathers or toss toys.

Each toy is unique and slightly different, so we can't guarantee the exact design you see in photos. However, you may specify if you prefer a "fluffed feather base" and/or if you prefer a dominant color. We will do our best to accommodate. 

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