House Finch Bird - Wand Attachment

These SUPER fun House Finch bird attachments work with the Wildcat Wandas well as other wands and poles that have a clip on the end (ex/ Da Bird pole, Cat Catcher). 

Each is hand-made with ethically-sourced Deer hair, Buffalo hair and/or Sheep wool and feathers made in the USA. CoolCyberCats does not use dyes or markers.

The materials are securely fixed to a soft leather strip running through the middle (no metal or plastic core). Each bird is about 3 inches in body length plus tail feathers. The connection to the wand/pole toy is via a strong braided cord loop under the leather beak, plus there's another loop behind the head, so you can attach it either way!

  • Since the hair and leather are a natural material, colors vary from images. Size also varies.
  • Each will activate your cat's hunting instinct. Cats go crazy with these bird attachments! Regular play sessions using wand attachments is a good outlet for instinctual hunting behaviors and encourages exercise to keep your cats healthy and alert.
  • As with any product please supervise your pet's use of these toys. Inspect products often for signs of damage, rips or tears and remove the toys if damaged.