Jumbo Kickers (Crinkle) - Catnip+Silvervine Toy


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These Jumbo Kickers have been one of our most popular toys at the shop, and for good reason! They’re such a great size for cats to grab and kick, kick, kick!

In addition to catnip, these also contain silver vine, an herb that has a catnip-like effect. We’ve found that this blend affects more cats, so if your cat has turned her nose at catnip-only kickers, this might be the toy for her!

These are the CRINKLE version—great for cats who like their kicker with a fun crinkle sound! If you’re interested in the NON- CRINKLE version, click here.

-Size: 15” tall and 3” wide (size may vary slightly)
-Handmade by For Mew. A portion of all sales helps cats in need at the Nevada Humane Society.
-Filled with organic catnip/silver vine blend and crinkle paper. 
-Fabric is either twill, canvas, or reinforced cotton.
-All vegan-friendly materials

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