"LickiMat Classic" - Pet Feeding Mat

$5.99 $7.99

We were SO excited to find out about the LickiMat, as our cat Lennon eats his canned food WAY too quickly--so fast that he often vomits immediately after his meal. We started spreading his canned food on the LickiMat, and it has slowed him down enough so that he no longer vomits!

If your cat "scarfs and barfs" like Lennon, or even if he/she just eats canned/raw food too fast, this is definitely worth a try! Easy to wash and clean, easy to fill. This could also be used as a tool while introducing new cats to each other since it will slow down their eating and possibly allow for a longer positive session.

We now have 2 OPTIONS to choose from!

1) original ORANGE flexible mat--this is for canned/raw food and is the most difficult  

2) solid BLUE flexible mat--also for canned/raw. This is a little easier and accommodates chunkier canned food.

-Non-toxic food grade TPR
-Size 8” x 8"
-Freezer safe and microwaveable friendly
-Hand wash in warm soapy water after every use. We use our designated pet food scrub brush and wash them right after the cats are done eating. Easy peasy!