"Lickimat Felix or Casper" - Pet Feeding Mat


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Introducing the newest Lickimat, with more complex surfaces designed specifically for cats! We love the variety of designs within each mat. 

How does it work? Just spread canned or raw food over the mat and serve! Your cat will have to lick the food from between the raised areas, slowing him down and improving digestion. If your cats tends to eat so quickly that he vomits soon after (“scarf and barf”), or even if he just eats too quickly, this is definitely worth a try!

Which one do I choose? While both designs provide a great variety of textures, the BLUE/ORANGE Casper is slightly more difficult than GREEN Felix, as the center pockets are deeper with more grooves.

-Made from non-toxic food grade TPR
-Size: 8.6” x 6.3”
-Freezer safe and microwave friendly
-Hand washable. We use our designated pet food scrub brush and wash them right after the cats are done eating. Easy-peasy!

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