"Litter-Lifter Small Size" - Litter Scooper


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Here’s the ever popular "Litter Lifter" in the smaller size! The company calls it the "travel" size, however, many find it great for every day use too. It works great with "Litter Genie" - type disposal pails and smaller spaces and/or if you empty your litter waste into "doggie waste" bags. While we love the original's design, we've received several requests to carry the smaller size of our favorite litter scooper.

The Litter-Lifter® has parallel triangular tines that cannot pick up clean litter. The other traditional scoops clog as they they fill with clean litter which needs to be shaken out to separate the waste from the clean litter.

- Less sifting & fewer passes = easier & faster cleaning
- V-shaped slots trap smaller litter fragments
- Size: 10” long x 4.4” wide


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