"Cat Loaf" Enamel Keychain


Who doesn't love a CAT LOAF?! This is a hilariously cute key chain by Los Angeles, artist "Everyday Olive." Inspired by her black cat, Olive (here in photo), this one is sure to liven up any piece of apparel!

A "cat loaf" or "kitty loaf" is the name of the position your cat sits in when they have their paws and tail tucked beneath them, resembling a loaf of bread. ... Loafing is a sign that your cat is comfortable and very relaxed. It's also a very good position for staying warm.


  • Designed exclusively by Everyday Olive
  • 1.58" x 1.68" hard enamel keychain
  • Stamped brass plated with gold metal
  • Attached to a 1.18" split ring