Organic Catnip Moon Toys


Miaou & Co. catnip toys are made by hand in Portland, Oregon from only the finest ingredients: 100% organic catnip grown on small farms in the Pacific Northwest, durable cotton linen canvas custom printed with extra vivid non-toxic inks, a hint of organic cotton batting for extra puff and a sprinkle of organic buckwheat hulls for extra heft!

We first learned of moon toys from our fur-iend Mr. Peeper's (in pic) who always had one of each by his side, under his head or paw.

CATNIP MOONS are just over 5" in diameter and have a full moon printed on the front in either bright pink/sunny yellow or bright aqua/dusky purple, and one of six assorted moon phases printed on the back!!!

CATNIP MOONROCKS are about 3.5" x 5" and are printed with toxic-free, pet safe inks with color combos like pink/green, blue/green and blue/purple. Let us choose one for you!

They are made with organic catnip and with all natural materials so sizes and appearances may vary slightly!