"Refillable Catnip Kicker" - Cat Toy


This supurrr festive hand-made cat toy is a REFILLABLE kicker for kitty to enjoy over and over! It comes loaded with a blend of organic catnip AND silvervine for extra fun!
Silvervine is commonly referred to as "Japanese catnip." It has a catnip-like affect but an even higher response rate. It's said that approximately 90% of cats respond to silvervine whereas, about 70% of cats respond to catnip. Some cats who don't respond to catnip may respond to silvervine.

- This toy is approximately 2.5” x 9”.
- Because there are no fillers, this kicker is soft and flexible
- Made with canvas fabric for extra durability
- Made in Oregon by Boo Boy Cat Toys
- Vegan/No animal products used