Reflective Cat Collar


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These collars are especially great for indoor/outdoor cats (although it is our preference that cats be indoors-only with catio & only safe, secure outdoor options). 

We like them because of their SAFETY FEATURE. There's a full 1/2" wide reflective stripe is securely sewn on top. These are 5/8" wide - almost double the width of a store-bought cat collar.

They may not be suitable for petite cats or kittens. They weight less than 1oz! Only available without a bell. 

Each adjusts from about 8" - 12". 

Breakaway buckles will come apart when pulled. Please note, these break away slightly harder (~8lbs of pressure) than most 3/8" store-bought collars.

As with any collars, they should NEVER be used with leashes. They will break apart! Harnesses should be what leashes attach to, never collars.

Made by Fox Valley Pet Wear, USA

Vegan--no animal parts/products were used in making this product.

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