Scratch Lounge - New, Shipping-Friendly Size [FREE USA SHIPPING]


This is one of those products that we think every cat household should have and we aren’t just saying that because we sell it. Cats need a variety of horizontal and vertical scratching choices in their home and this one is super-duper awesome because:

1. It also doubles as a lounge pad for your catnaps and feline meditation sessions
2. It’s a hybrid of a scratching post but has the texture of a cardboard box (on steroids)
3. The cardboard is dense, durable and lasting. 
4. Manufactured in the USA and made of 100% recyclable materials.
5. It’s environmentally sustainable - You can keep the base for years and just replace the sides and bottom 

- Lasts 10 Times Longer Than Other Conventional Scratchers - Large and Durable with Reversible Floor! - Tip: Keep a healthy dose of catnip sprinkled on it for an added pleasure.
- Dimensions of THIS NEW Scratch Lounge: 12"W x 18"L x 5"H 

**PLEASE NOTE: It comes in 2 sizes—this is the smaller of the two sizes; original larger XL size measures 13.5"W x 22"L x 5.5"H and is available here for local Portland pickup only. 

Need a refill for this smaller size Scratch Lounge? We have you covered here!