"Snuggle Bed" - Pet Bed


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Is it a sleeping bag? A padded mat? A bucket bed? How about all of the above! This bed is the ultimate in versatility AND comfort! It’s purrfect for cats who love to burrow in their bed, or just sleep on top of it! Petite cats and kittens (who like things snug) prefer the small bed, and our average to large sized cats love the large bed (as well as our medium sized dog).

Sewn with dirt-resistant canvas on one side and luxurious faux fur on the other, this convertible bed can be molded into a variety of shapes. Your cat may like to burrow when it’s cold but sleep on the canvas side when it’s warm. You can change it up depending on your cat’s preference! 

Choose from 5 colors (in drop down): 1.Light Grey, 2. Charcoal Grey, , 3. Truffle Brown, 4. Graphite Black Stripe, 5. Leopard Brown 

Comes in two size options:
1. small: 13” cup diameter; 16” x 18” flat (recommended for cats up to 7 lbs)
2. large: 18” cup diameter; 23” x 25” flat (recommended for cats up to 25 lbs)

- Designed and made by P.L.A.Y., based in San Francisco, CA
- Vegan: no animal parts/products were used
- Machine washable and dryer friendly.

**PLEASE NOTE: This item will be shipped directly from the maker (in NJ or CA depending on your destination) within 3 business days of order, and then please allow 5-7 days for shipping. Sorry, this item is NOT available for local porch pickup

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