"The Digger" - Food + Treat Puzzle


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We're big fans of "puzzle feeders" and "foraging toys." Cats are natural grazers. Rather than two large meals, or 'free feeding', we prefer our cats to work a bit - challenge their brains and adding a physical component to gathering food. Leaving food and/or treats out during the day or overnight helps keep your cats busy, stimulated and less likely to go into 'hunger mode' (which can cause them to inhale their meals aka "scarf and barf") or wake you in in the night or early morning. 

The Catit Digger is a slow feeding system that helps to curb your cat’s cravings by incorporating a bit of discovery into mealtime. The surface’s sloped design allows for the collection of stray pellets and prevents spillage, so your cat won’t miss out on any mealtime tidbits. 

Check out Fundamentally Feline's You Tube blog demonstrating the Digger in action!

Key Benefits
  • Outfitted with 5 tubes of varying heights and widths, the slow-feeding system plays on your kitty’s natural instinct to dig and paw out smaller portions of food, thus reducing binge eating.
  • Smart design encourages your cat to work for his food.
  • Can be used for mealtime or treats
  • The tubes have rounded bottoms, making clean-up easy.

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