"Tinkle Tonic" - Herbal Pet Supplement

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Tinkle Tonic is an herbal tincture that’s formulated to support a healthy urinary tract in cats and dogs. It helps to soothe and lubricate the urinary tract tissues, promoting comfort during urination. The combination of couchgrass, echinacea, dandelion, marshmallow, and horsetail is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. 
  • Alcohol-free formula contains vegetable glycerin and distilled water
  • Includes graduated shatter-proof dropper pipette for accurate dosing
  • Ideal dosing—apply directly into cat’s mouth if possible. Otherwise, add to food or a treat (like a Churu treat).
  • This listing is for a 1oz bottle (30 ml).
Note: This does not replace the advice of your veterinarian or a veterinary visit. Please seek veterinary advice ASAP if your cat is straining to urinate, having bloody urine, or is going to the litter box frequently. 

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