"Wiggle Worm" - Wand Toy Attachment


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The "Wiggle Worm" attachment is a soft and colorful little fella that can wriggle, creep, fly or dart around—use your imagination! Our cats love it to move under tissue paper while they wait to pounce on it!

Each worm is approximately 7.5 inches long. The connection to the wand is via a strong cord hook on the end. Please note that the chenille fabric used is very soft, so tufts may come loose during play.  

  • Simply clip on to play!
  • Attaches to all wands/poles that have a clip on the end of the string/wire
  • Individually handmade in the U.K. by Purrs Cat Toys
  • Colors and length varies individually
  • Vegan--no animal parts/products were used in making this toy
SAFETY: Wand attachments are not chew toys. They are for supervised interactive play only. Inspect products often for signs of rips or tears and remove the toys if damaged. Store out of cat's reach when unattended.

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