Octopus Friends - Wool Cat Toy


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Cats love playing with these adorable octopus toy tenticles! They are 4-5″ long and perfect for tossing around. 

Made with a blend of all natural Himalayan and New Zealand wools, they contain AZO free, non-toxic dyes. The lanolin naturally attracts your cat and is anti-microbial and odor resistant. 

Each toy is handcrafted with love by women artisans in Nepal, and your purchase supports them and their families with a fair living wage and a secure working environment.
This toy doesn't contain catnip, but you can use catnip spray or “marinate” it in a bag of catnip, if desired!

Note: This toy is 100% natural wool, but you should monitor your cat’s behavior with the toy. If they are tearing it apart or ingesting the wool, it's not an appropriate toy for your cat.

**We apologize for any out of stock colors. We receive random colors when we order, and sometimes we don't get a good variety in our shipment!**

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