"Clicker" - Cat Training Tool


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If you’ve been thinking about clicker training your cat and aren’t sure which clicker to get, this is it! We love it because it has a convenient loop for your finger, and it’s just the right amount of sound to get your cat’s attention.

Clicker training is an incredibly effective way to reward desired behaviors, since the sound of the clicker is immediately followed by a treat or praise (for those cats who aren’t food-motivated). It’s also a great form of enrichment, as it encourages cats to engage and keep their mind active, thus reducing boredom!

Clicker training can be used to teach fun tricks such as giving a “high five” or jumping through a hoop, but it’s also a great way to teach cats to go in their carrier, stay on a mat, or even to reward good/non aggressive behavior around another cat.

See our list of clicker training resources in the intro to the training section!

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