"Clicker Target Stick" - Cat Training Tool

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If you’re looking to teach your cat tricks such as jumping through a hoop, turning in a circle, jumping onto an object, or weaving between your legs, this target stick is a must to help guide him and offer that all-important “click”, which means a treat or praise immediately follows!

Clicker training is an incredibly effective way to reward desired behaviors, since the sound of the clicker is immediately followed by a treat or praise (for those cats who aren’t food-motivated). It’s also a great form of enrichment, as it encourages cats to engage and keep their mind active, thus reducing boredom!

Clicker training can be used to teach fun tricks such as giving a “high five” or jumping through a hoop, but it’s also a great way to teach cats to go in their carrier, stay on a mat, or even to reward good/non aggressive behavior around another cat.

This retractable stick extends from 6” to 23” and includes a belt clip.

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