"Mynwood Walking Jacket" - Cat Harness

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This is a lightweight jacket-style harness that’s made specifically for cats. While no harness is 100% escape proof, the Mynwood Cat Jacket is very secure and one of the safest cat harnesses on the market. It’s our new personal favorite! 

 About this harness: 
- Long strips of strong velcro on neck and body straps allow for adjustability.
- Handmade in the UK
- Just use a lint roller to remove cat hair on jacket and velcro.
- Fun to purrsonalize with patches! Click here to see our patch selection!

SIZING: For the most accurate sizing, measure your cat using a soft tape measure. Chest is measured around the body, right behind the front legs. It’s important that the fit is snug, but not tight.
- Kitten/petite size:  Recommended for kittens at least ~3-4 months of age and also for petite adults. Suitable up to 12" chest.

Material: Made of 100% cotton that’s triple sewn for strength. Steel D-ring with reinforced stitching allows for easy leash attachment. 

TIP:  We recommend initially opening the harness away from your cat, so she doesn’t hear the Velcro first thing. Then gently drape the harness over your cat and secure the neck and chest straps. It can take time for some cats to get used to the Velcro sound, but most cats don’t mind it. The narrower strips on this jacket are not as loud as some other brands. 

NOTE: No harness is ever 100% escape proof! While most cats do very well with the Mynwood Jacket, an occasional cat can get out of it. ALWAYS keep an eye on your cat and NEVER leave her unattended or tied up by leash. 

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