"Puppia Soft Harness" - Cat Harness

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This Puppia Soft Harness has been a fan favorite with adventure kitties of all ages! From explorers in training to full-fledged adventurers, this is one of our most popular harnesses. 

- Not recommended for cats who don’t like anything put over their head
- Adjustable around the body, but not the neck. Harness sits low on the neck (see photo)
- This is technically a dog harness so think of that with sizing in mind.
-An “average sized” cat usually wears a small.
- XS is for older kittens and very petite cats.
- See chart in last photo for measuring tips and size recommendations (use a soft measuring tape). *chest measurement is most important*
    Material: 100% polyester with polyester air mesh and soft inner padding. Adjustable chest belt with plastic buckle. 

    NOTE: No harness is ever 100% escape proof! While many cats do very well with the Puppia Harness, some cats can get out of it. ALWAYS keep an eye on your cat and NEVER leave her unattended! 

    CAT MEOWDEL:  Our furriend Maple sure is handsome and cool, huh? Check his super-awesome adventures on Instagram @mapleandmaeve

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