The Whisker + Box


"The discerning cat's answer to the cardboard box!" 

It's a known fact that most cats will happily occupy pretty much any cardboard box, regardless of size. But how happy are YOU with cardboard boxes scattered around your living room? Well, the Whisker + Box is a win-win for everyone! Kitty gets a comfy and cozy box, and you get a cat bed that you'll proudly have in any room in your house! 

The Whisker Box is specifically designed to respond to the scientifically proven feline desire for compression, which translates to a sense of calm and security for your pet. While it may look "too small" for your big cat, it's all about the SQUEEZE. It's called Compression Therapy.

Fits up to a 17 lb cat! 

The Whisker Box easily unsnaps for flat storage or travel. Constructed of coated nylon canvas with an eco-felt core, the box is flexible but firm enough to hold its form. Spot clean only. 

Size: 12.5 long x 7.5 wide x 5.5 high 

NOTE: These will be shipped directly from the maker within 2 business days of your order. We do have a couple green in stock here in Portland, if you'd like to pick up locally. However, the blue and grey are not available for local pickup.